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Wonderful Weekend Workshop!

Shine held the first of its weekend workshops on Saturday 16th March 2024 and what a fabulous day we all had! The workshop kicked off at 09:30am and we went head on into our repertoire to date, concentrating on each piece for about 15mins. This was a real test of the memory banks as we navigated our way through each piece. We stopped for a well earned tea/coffee break for about 20mins and then it was back onto it until lunchtime.

What a fantastic spread we had for a lunch, it was proper picnic! Everyone brought along different things from spicy chicken wings and quiche to chocolates and cakes, it was veritable feast! Thank you everyone for your yummy contributions, they were delicious and went down a treat.

After lunch the stage was re configured into a performance set up with the Sopranos at the front, then the tenors and altos and finally the basses and a new very noticeable addition, the drum kit! Well, the kit put the cat amongst the pigeons with cries of 'oh my goodness, what is that loud noise?' This was the first time that our intrepid players had experienced playing with the drum kit keeping the beat and what a fun time it turned out to be. So, we embarked upon playing through all 9 pieces as fluidly as we could and without stopping. On the whole, a damn fine effort was made by everyone and we could almost put ourselves out there as a performing band. Just a few tweaks here and there and I think we have the makings of something very special. Watch this space....!

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