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History of Shine

Here's a brief history of Shine Steel Band, how we started, what we did and where we went etc. I hope enjoy reading all about the Band's formation, its people and their endeavours.....

Dartmouth Academy

Shine was founded by Phil Hayward and Rose Sage in the summer of 2021. Following the COVID pandemic, Dartmouth Academy recognised the need to offer its students an extra-curricular (after school) activity that would help them to re-emerge from the lockdowns imposed on the nation for the isolation of the virus. At this point, Art Teacher, Nicola Perrot initiated the drive for a music based activity that would eventually lead to the renovation of the Academy's old steel drums and the regeneration and creation of a new Steel Band called Shine.

In the Autumn term of 2021 Shine played their first public performance at the Dartmouth Academy Christmas Fayre. In the Spring of the following year they performed to the general public in the Royal Avenue Gardens at the Dartmouth Music Festival on the 6th May, please click here to listen and see the band play. In the run up to the Festival, the Dart Music Festival Foundation kindly sponsored the Band for two weekend workshops to help the Band to be performance ready for this important event.

In February of 2023, Shine Steel Band was incorporated as a Community Interest Company and moved from Dartmouth Academy to The Guildhall, Dartmouth, where it is today.

Dartmouth Academy playing in the Shine Steel Band at the Dart Music Festival 2022
Dart Music Festival 2022
Dartmouth Academy Shine Steel Band
Dart Music Festival 2022
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