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Strike Up The Band!

Updated: Mar 20, 2023

Fantastic news this week as two things happened within a couple of days! Firstly, we have been invited by Dartmouth Academy to purchase their set of Steel Drums which is an amazing development and one that will enable us to get things up and running sooner than we had anticipated. Secondly, we have officially secured the use of The Guildhall for our Shine Steel Band rehearsals on Tuesday evenings. The Guildhall, Dartmouth is a superb venue and we will feel very much at home here. Lastly, we are very pleased to announce that Dartmouth Town Council has awarded us a grant of £5000 to help us get things going. So, a big thank you to the town's Councillors for their important contribution to Shine. Things are happening very quickly now and therefore, we will soon be getting in touch with you all to let you know when our very first get together will be. So, get yourselves ready for some music making fun and games!

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