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One Love!

Our lovely Shine Steel Band members enjoyed a fabulous night out at the movies on Thursday 14th of March 2024 at the Flavel Centre, Dartmouth. The movie was 'One Love' which is a biographical story of that most famous Reggae legend, Bob Marley. It was a gripping movie which described how turbulent Bob's life was in Jamaica during the time when he began writing and performing his amazing music. It is a complete wonder to me how he managed to succeed in the creation of such renowned, incredible and timeless music that is loved by millions across the globe.

It was particularly impressive during our movie night out that Shine members demonstrated impeccable restraint and self-discipline during the movie, especially when their favourites came up including Jamming, Three Little Birds and others! Just a near silent humming along and in-seat dancing could be heard. We really are the very model of 'all round good egg', well behaved members of our local community. Well done and thank you one and all.

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