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New Year, New Shining Stars, New Music!

Updated: Jan 12

Happy New Year to you all!

Wednesday the 10th Jan was our first rehearsal following a well-earned Christmas and New Year break, it is also 46 years since I joined HM Forces, seems like yesterday! We welcomed five budding shining stars to the first session and a lot of fun was had by all. The evening started off with some clapping and marching, yes you heard me right, 'marching' up and down the ballroom floor, clapping on and off beats as we went. Everyone did extremely well and it was a great way to bond the team and to warm up a very cold evening with outside temperatures down to nearly zero deg Celsius.

Once everyone had warmed up we equipped ourselves with some drumsticks and it was eyes down look in for some brief drumming technique before going onto the stage and introducing them to their respective drums. This was their first go at some drum rolling and playing through their first piece of music, that well known classic reggae hit, Monkey Man. The session was over all too quickly but it was great to see everyone going home buzzing, singing and clapping. Then it was Tobago's turn to take the stage. with a run through a brand new lovely piece of music, You Don't Love Me No, No. No.

So, well done to the Famous Five we hope we see you come back to join us and thank you to our existing members of the Trinidad group for your help, guidance and patience.

See you all next week for some more sunny sounds!

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