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Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II Dies at Age 96.

Thursday the 8th of September 2022 will forever be marked by the passing of our beloved Queen Elizabeth II. She meant so much to so many across the Globe. The Queen's legacy is one of dedication and duty but also that she was a Queen of the people. We all have our own individual memories of the Queen, some of us will have met her and some of us will have only known her through the TV or other media. Music played a huge part in her life and she loved so many different genres from classical to pop, from musicals to pipe bands and from jazz to folk. Indeed, she enjoyed many events including all the Jubilee concerts, the Party at the Palace and even she even enjoyed being awoken by a lone piper who played nearly every single morning at 9am. This is the importance of music in our lives, it invokes emotions and feelings and a sense of occasion and it creates memories. So when you next come along to play in the Shine Steel Band remember, you may be about to perform a piece of music that will mean the world to someone, somewhere or you may just inwardly appreciate the sheer joy of knowing that someone great, someone eminent has listened to that same piece and held it in such high esteem. Shine on our most gracious Queen Elizabeth. ❤️

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